How to make the most of your time in Venice?


Venice is quite an adventure for any traveler, but also a top destination for regular tourists. Its narrow streets, charming canals and historical buildings will make you fall in love with Venice sooner than you think. If you are interested in paying a visit to this gem of Italy, I will suggest you some tips and tricks to make to most of your time in Venice. Continue reading “How to make the most of your time in Venice?”


How to fall in love with Madrid in 4 hours? #layoverseries


Until few months I was avoiding any flight with layovers because I didn’t want to be too tired when I will get to the final destination or to run between terminals to catch the next flight, but as they say the fated will happen even if you are running from it. Continue reading “How to fall in love with Madrid in 4 hours? #layoverseries”

Thoughts I had admiring the Nordic Sea

kinderonnie goes to newcastle


Building trust for years and losing it in just one second. Waiting all the life for a thing to happen and then it goes too fast. Waking too fast, eating in hurry, sleeping late and woke up early, forgetting about us and our small pleasures just in order to save time, but in fact we are wasting it. Continue reading “Thoughts I had admiring the Nordic Sea”